Brainwashing Babylon

(cc) 2005 aRe A Be whY iN


I come home & turn on my TV
Don't even miss what I've never known
Some might say that ignorance is bliss
Listening to this song, Hello are your speakers blown?
Cause I feel a bit out of kilter
Stuck between society & it's endless roar
& I am a fish out of water, I'd rather be a kid in a candy store

Control the masses with misinformation
Drown them in a sea of make believe
Lets believe that we are free, finding ways to become the epitome
Of all we fear to be
Cause I see each & every day as a chance
Thru the strife & the dance I gain wisdom
& I search for the answers that elude me
In doing so I seek fruition

The brainwashing of babylon...single file & stand in line
The brainwashing of babylon...take this pill & you'll feel fine
The brainwashing of babylon...preying on each others fear
The brainwashing of babylon...goes in one out the other ear