Love Wins
(cc) 2007 aRe A Be whY iN

If you take your side, I take mine
wasting so much of our precious time

Come back, be opened, lay our hearts on the table
shed all the layers until we are able to breath
a sigh of relief, a sigh of relief

We're much too clever, to give in or surrender
even if we have nothing to gain
by looting each other, we come to discover
we're all out of little toy men & nothing has changed, I want to be changed

the truths, never spoken, lay shattered there by the door
& now we're all deaf with ears that cannot endure, cannot endure
this uncomfortable silence where
Love wins X 3

You swallow yours, I'll swallow mine
Both of us growing, crossover the line
we drew in the sand, before we buried our heads
let us bury our dead
better things in store just up ahead, just up ahead where
the sky and the sea become one, bird and fish remain too
the world that we share becomes something completely new
the words between us, connected like dots on a page
there is nothing worth fighting for, no good in the wars that we wage
In the wars that we wage, love wins