tuning : open D
by Ra Byn James Taylor (cc) 2003 aRe A Be whY iN

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Once upon a time
two ships adrift
alone on the sea

The wind has grown restless
the water is deep
a man over board
there'll be no search party

The sky grows an angry face
trying to hold her on course
she drifted off into space
the waves rising up around me
Have I fallen victim
to being in a hurry

I'm sorry, I hurt you
Why must love be, so cut & dry
I'm sorry, I'll listen more than I speak
If you'll explain why

& these tears they fill the boat
sink to the bottom or stay afloat
you're such a fragile thing
stand in the spot light
while I watch in the wing

I'm sorry, I hurt you
Why love must be suddenly so cut & dry
I'm sorry, I'll whisper more than I'll weep
As the storm passes by